Advanced Specialty Testing

Dr Nancy’s proprietary testing protocols for assessing your body’s performance and metabolic health enable the diagnosing the root of medical conditions.

Utilizing the latest advancements in diagnostic testing, we offer access to an extensive line of advanced specialized testing to measure hundreds of critical biomarkers in your body. By partnering with several labs, we are able to select the best offerings from each lab. This comprehensive data is critical to formulating a health plan as unique as you.

Specialty Tests

Heart Health

Our heart health panel can help inform a patient’s risk factors for heart disease.

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Gut Health

Comprehensive test for leaky gut, gut inflammation, or bacterial or fungal gut overgrowth. These conditions may result in GI symptoms, brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, skin rashes and more when undiagnosed.

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Heavy Metals

This test reveals kidney or liver strain that may hinder healthy detoxification. Toxin accumulation can lead to inflammation, cardiovascular disease, hormonal issues, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

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Total body inflammation may be determined through specific biomarkers and may be a sign of infection, vitamin deficiency, or an undiagnosed autoimmune condition.

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With the assessment of complete hormone levels, premenopausal and menopausal states may be determined.

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A large portion of the world’s population is overweight due to metabolic disturbances in carbohydrate metabolism.

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Micronutrient deficiencies in vitamin, mineral and antioxidants contribute to inflammation, aging and weight gain. Every micronutrient has a specific role in the body’s overall function.

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Our proprietary thyroid panel can detect undiagnosed thyroid deficiencies. Many experience years of symptoms without being made aware of a thyroid deficiency.

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Men are commonly experiencing low Testosterone due to several factors, such as social stressors, poor diet and lifestyle.

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Covid-19 Antibody

This testing can tell if you’ve previously been exposed to the coronavirus and produced an immune response.

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Food Sensitivity

The Food Sensitivity test checks your reaction to commonly reactive foods, providing insight into which foods might be contributing to inflammation and suboptimal health and wellbeing.

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Within our intestines is a community of bacteria. An imbalance of gut bacteria may result in symptoms of fatigue, weight gain and bloating.

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