Hello, I'm Dr. Nancy

My approach combines nutrition, lifestyle and cutting-edge science to optimize your body. I’m an Internist and Obesity Medicine specialist practicing Bariatric Medicine. I view nutrition as a gateway to health, that can be the solution to physical ailments and chronic diseases.

During my medical training, I learned how to properly teach lifestyle modification and performed clinical research into the behavior of foods within our bodies. As a resident at Cedars Sinai, I would walk into a 30-hour shift with my lunch box, and my yoga mat. In my practice, combining evidence-based medicine with behavior modification and the principles of Eastern medicine has allowed me to help many people achieve health goals they believed out of reach.

At Dr Nancy, we practice Bariatric Medicine, to help patients optimize wellness with simple changes in their daily routines. Our goal here is simple: to empower you to live your best life and achieve sustainable health.

In good health,
Nancy Rahnama, MD

Our Weight Loss Results


average reduction

in waist



Average Body

Weight Lost over

initial 3 months


Average Body

Weight Lost† over

initial 12 months

Not everyone’s weight loss journey is the same, but with our combination of 1:1 coaching & weight loss
medication, on average our patients lose 19% of their body weight within the first 12 months.