We Combine
Medication & Coaching
To Treat Excess Weight.

Our Medical Weight Loss Program
combines a personalized nutrition
plan with FDA-approved medications
and lifestyle modification coaching
to treat excess weight.

What’s your journey?

Excess weight is a chronic medical condition, not a lack of willpower. It can result from a variety of underlying biological factors including hormonal, metabolic, and genetic factors.

It's difficult to lose weight.

It could be genetic.

There are 125 different genes that contribute to your metabolism,
any of which could be making it harder for you to lose weight than somebody else.

It's hard to keep it off.

It could be your 'Set Point'.

If you have success dieting short term, but when you stop your weight snaps right back, the reason is biological.

During weight loss, your body lowers your metabolic rate to make it easier to regain the weight. New research has shown your body seeks to return to it's highest weight, or 'Set Point'.

Nothing works.

It could be biological.

After multiple weight loss attempts, aka yo-yo dieting, you no longer see any weight loss even during extreme dieting.

The reason is every time you lose more than 5% of your body weight, your levels of naturally produced GLP-1 drop, triggering dramatically increased hunger.

When GLP-1 levels are low, calorie restriction is unattainable because you’re so hungry.

You don’t need to
feel hungry

If you are unable to lose weight with diet and exercise alone, we can help. Our doctors start by understanding your contributing factors and connect you with weight loss tools that lead to long term success. Our expert team helps you focus on health, and achieve sustainable results.

Safe & Effective


FSA & HSA Eligible


19% Average Weight Loss


Our Unique Solution

Medical Weight Loss, Coaching with Evidence-Based Medicine.

Bi-Weekly Follow-ups

We combine lifestyle coaching with FDA approved medication because studies show this leads to 2-3X better outcomes than medication alone.

Evidence-based Medicine

Our doctor’s will determine which FDA-approved GLP-1 medication is the most appropriate for you. And we'll also work to get it covered by your insurance.

Medical Professionals

Our providers are experts in bariatric medicine and behavior modification coaching. Our protocols have been perfected after nearly 10 years.

They succeeded, so can you.

Clent B.

My Dr. Nancy, is an insightful caring and knowledgeable warrior against Obesity. She will guide and help you towards your goals always with a wonderful infectious smile and laugh. It has been two years and 110 lbs of lost weight. I couldn’t be more pleased as we continue our journey. Thank You, Dr Nancy!

Judy W.

After gaining and losing weight my entire life I finally met the right person to help me maintain permanent weight loss. Dr. Nancy not only helped me lose the weight but she helped me understand my personal reason for losing the weight which has helped me maintain it for over 2 years.

Mike P.

I was 49 years old, 230 pounds and suffering from things brought on by my weight like high blood pressure, and inconsistent sleep. Dr. Nancy overhauled my diet, exercise, medication and gave me a better awareness of what my body was telling me. Today, at 53 I’m happy to say I’m now 183 pounds.

Susie O.

Since meeting Dr. Nancy in early 2018 I have lost 50 lbs. in a healthy way. She is professional, attentive, and has gotten me through many peaks and valleys on this journey. I’m closely approaching maintenance and am confident knowing that Dr. Nancy will be there for me.

Every individual is unique. As such, your results can and will vary.